Grid games are games that are played on a rectangular matrix using rows and columns. Play is based on use of the game structure, the content of the grid game and the mathematical concept being addressed.  Each rectangle in a the grid is called a cell. Game structures are Connect It, Capture It, Claim It and Clue It. Download a modified version of the book and Game Mats by clicking here.

K - 5 CCSS Version Game Structures Book Workbook (1).jpg

Top 3 features of grid games

  1. Adaptable to many conceptual areas and grade levels

  2. Relatively easy to learn the structures

  3. Quick setup and easily accessible materials

engagement, collaboration and discourse

"Such a simple, yet powerful idea!” - Ms. Desire, Middle School, NYC

“Easy to use and I can use one game mat in many different units.” - Ms. Lewis, Elementary School, NYC